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Reading: Enabling and Disabling Spaces within Multicultural Projects1


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Enabling and Disabling Spaces within Multicultural Projects1


Salla Tuori

Swedish School of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, FI
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This article focuses on the engagement of third sector actors in service provision within the multicultural projects. There is a specific interest in how the expertise and knowledge of migrant NGOs and experts of migrant background are engaged in and part of service provision. According to the author, “good multiculturalism” could be characterised as listening. On the one hand, listening refers to openness to different kinds of knowledge and expertise, and on the other, to sensitivity and awareness of structural questions in relation to raciality and ethnicity. Neoliberal practices of projectification are an essential part of service provision that is discussed in the article. Therefore, service provision needs to be discussed in this context. The article concludes by considering the implications of individualism prevalent in much work on “integration” and “multiculturalism”.
How to Cite: Tuori, S., 2013. Enabling and Disabling Spaces within Multicultural Projects1. Nordic Journal of Migration Research, 3(1), pp.36–39. DOI:
Published on 01 Mar 2013.
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