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Book Reviews


Perttu Salmenhaara ,

University of Helsinki, FI
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Jennifer Mack,

Harvard University, US
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Göran Ahrne,

Department of Sociology, Stockholm University, SE
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Saara Koikkalainen,

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lapland, FI
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Johanna Malmi,

Turun yliopisto, maantieteen laitos, FI
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Heli Niemi,

Lapin yliopisto, FI
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Heikki Kerkkänen,

Helsingin yliopisto, sosiologia, FI
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Tuomas Martikainen

Uskontotiede, Helsingin yliopisto, FI
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How to Cite: Salmenhaara, P., Mack, J., Ahrne, G., Koikkalainen, S., Malmi, J., Niemi, H., Kerkkänen, H. and Martikainen, T., 2011. Book Reviews. Nordic Journal of Migration Research, 1(2), pp.96–111. DOI:
Published on 01 Oct 2011.


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