Book Review

Champion, Tony, Cooke, Thomas & Shuttleworth, Ian (eds) (2018) Internal Migration in the Developed World: Are we Becoming Less Mobile? London: Routledge. 306 pp.



Internal migration is the most common form of address-changing migration in the world. Whilst international migration has been in the spotlight for several decades, country-internal migration has received less attention in the international scholarly arena. Internal Migration in the Developed World is an effort to bring internal migration into focus as well as an important contribution to the discussion of migration and mobility. The book presents novel comparative data of internal migration, poses bold questions and challenges some widely shared visions of constantly increasing migration and mobility. Indeed, the book’s subtitle Are we Becoming Less Mobile? sets the tone for many of the empirical findings in the book.


Internal migrationDeveloped countries
  • Year: 2021
  • Volume: 11 Issue: 2
  • Page/Article: 224–227
  • DOI: 10.33134/njmr.394
  • Submitted on 15 Sep 2020
  • Accepted on 4 Jan 2021
  • Published on 4 Jun 2021
  • Peer Reviewed