The Importance of Origin and Destination Country Skills for Labour Market Attachment of Immigrants from Pakistan Iran and Turkey

Authors: {'first_name': 'Jacob Nielsen', 'last_name': 'Arendt'},{'first_name': 'Chantal Pohl', 'last_name': 'Nielsen'},{'first_name': 'Vibeke', 'last_name': 'Jakobsen'}


This study explores how qualifications acquired prior to migration affect employment of adult immigrants in the destination country. It explores the direct effect as well as indirect effects arising through destination country investments. The study combines survey information on destination country language proficiency and education level from the country of origin with administrative records on employment and education acquired in the destination country. The results neither show evidence of direct transferability nor of indirect employment gains from foreign skills when complemented by domestic language proficiency. Yet, foreign educated do acquire more education in the destination country, that raises their employment.

Keywords: Immigrantslabour market attachmenteducational attainmentskill transferabilityskill complementarity 

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